Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Reading & Gift Ideas

Do you need to give a gift for an animal lover? Want to give something meaningful for the holidays? Here are some ideas and suggestions:

Here are some new books that came out in the last few months that make nice gifts or are good holiday reading:

Good Habits for Great Dogs by Paul Owens. This book covers positive approaches to solving problems for puppies and adult dogs. It tackles modifying dog behavior from the perspective of changing habits. This book also has a unique approach to dog training called “Take a Vacation from Canine Education.” Those of you who have taken my classes might recognize this approach as a comprehensive version of the “Magnet Game” we play in class. Not only is this approach easy to follow but it takes the stress and pressure out of dog training. Small brag: my Akita and Shiba Inu are in some of the pics.

Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor. This book explains why clickers are such an effective training tool. Karen Pryor is a former marine mammal trainer that popularized the use of clicker training with dogs. Her book has many entertaining anecdotes that demonstrate the theories involved with training animals whether it be a dog, a dolphin or even a hermit crab!

Donate to an Animal Rescue
During this time of year, animal rescues are in need. Consider donating money or even your time to an animal rescue. With the cold weather, many shelters and rescues need blankets and old towels to help keep the animals warm. If you are no longer using your dog’s crate, x-pen or leash, consider donating it to a rescue. Call first, to see if they have a need for your equipment.

Pet Portrait

There are many talented animal photographers in town who specialize in pet portraitures. An animal lover would love to have a professional portrait of their pet as a keepsake. A couple of people in town are:

http://www.pawprintspictures.com/about2.html - the photos on my website were taken by Erin Tomanek.

http://www.furryfotoes.com/home.html – I have used this company as well for pet portraits.

Gift Certificates

Many pet boutiques, pet stores, pet groomers and even dog trainers offer gift certificates you can give your friends.

Gift Baskets

Many companies can make dog-themed gift baskets. One company based in Santa Monica can build a gift basket with dog treats and bowls or any other toy or treat you may want to add to it:


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