Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paws for Japan - Help Animals in Need

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, people barely had time to escape.  In those precious few seconds, many people had to make the heart-wrenching decision to leave their pets behind.  In other cases, pets may have been separated from their owners or their owners have died.

Below is a video that has been making its rounds around the internet showing two dogs who were left stranded by the tsunami.  One dog is injured and the other dog remains at his side.  Fortunately, both were rescued and are being treated.

Animal search and rescue requires a specialized set of skills and equipment.  Rescuers need to know how to safely handle and transport a frightened animal that has been through a horrendous experience.  In addition, animals may be injured and in need of veterinary care.

World Vets is a non-profit organization that is sending rescue teams to Japan to help the animals who have survived this disaster.  Consider donating to this worthwhile organization.  If you are a pet blogger, join the blog hop and spread the word!

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  1. Fantastic! How awesome such an organization is even in existence. I hope we all did something to keep them going today. Thanks for this positive post.